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CKEC is Pleased to Announce On Demand Modules

Are you looking for some professional learning opportunities that you can take on your own? Be sure to check out CKEC’s growing list of On Demand Modules. You can find the available sessions here.


 Modules Modeling a New Medium:

Online On-Demand Learning Modules Change Classrooms During Covid


Living through a pandemic forced the world to rethink how our institutions are run, especially in education. At the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC), we turned to a part of the education system that is already in the practice of being flexible to meet the needs of all students: special education. Online classes and asynchronous learning are well-known procedures in this field. When it came to transitioning out of in person classes to learning from home, special education became the model for this new way of learning. 

flyer on coteachingRamona Karsner is the Director of Special Education at CKEC. She, along with a team of hardworking staff members, are sharpening their skills to develop online learning tools for educators. Even before Covid struck, this co-op teamed up with other educational cooperatives in Kentucky in order to work on Online On-Demand Learning Modules for educational needs. “We wanted to have this repository of professional learning especially for special education directors,” says Karsner, “to direct a teacher to and say, ‘Hey, you need some tools in your toolbox, here’s these different things that CKEC has training on’”.

These modules were created with how to best serve the special education directors, instructors, and their students in mind. They are aimed to train, refine skills, and offer support to educators through virtual training, immediate support, live calls, and follow up sessions. The modules are designed to fit the educator’s lifestyle with do-at-your-own-pace lessons, a wide range of synchronous contact, and participation formats that allow teachers to remain in their classrooms. For example, if a student had a difficult day, their teacher could jump on a call with a behavioral consultant to explain the situation and ask for advice, then immediately begin to implement coaching- all while the students are heading to their buses.

Since they were first released in early April, there are now 20 (and counting) modules available to take on CKEC’s website. Topics range from social and emotional learning, to math/reading strategies, to strategies for special education in a virtual environment and many others.  They are free for anyone to take. Not just teachers, but principals, guidance counselors, school psychologists, instructional coaches, and even students. More people are able to access this training now than ever. In fact, 2,835 different online modules have been taken so far. This isn’t just useful for participants taking the modules. Karen King, a Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative behavioral consultant, serves 22 school districts. Before schools moved online, it was impossible to drive out to visit all of them in a day. But now, she is able to log on to a call with any teachers and begin immediate support.

Everyone’s way of life changed when the world shut down. Working from home blurred the line between personal and professional life, many educators were working far past normal school hours to provide the best education possible for their students and parents during a stressful time of fear and frustration. In trying to do their best for their students’ families, boundaries between home and school were lost and educators experienced burn out. The leaders at Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative knew and felt this. One of the modules that received the most participation, and one that Karsner is most proud of, is the Self Care for Educators module. It is an online session that helps participants learn types of and strategies for self-care, since often it is too often neglected. CKEC wants the best for their students, but also their educators.

Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative is so proud of the work their staff is doing themselves and in collaboration with other educational cooperatives to assist all educators. Districts all over Kentucky are sharing these types of modules, and find that virtual learning in this capacity enables them to do more work than before. Ramona Karsner shares, “This hybrid, asynchronous and synchronous learning will be part of our work every day because we’ve seen too many positives and benefits from our programs”.

As talks of phasing back to in person education begin, CKEC continues to offer virtual programs, while working to schedule live and even in-person programs to adapt to the schedule of educators. Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative wants to provide resources so that educators have the opportunity to be the best that they can be, whether it’s face-to-face or screen-to-screen.

To access these modules, follow this link for the CKEC website: https://sites.google.com/ckec.org/onlinemodules

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Article contributed by:

Lucia A. Croce

October 16, 2020


CKEC Announces New CEO  

David Young, current Chief Academic Officer and Assistant Superintendent for Boyle County Schools, will serve as the next Chief Executive Officer for the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative.  Young will replace Dot Perkins who recently retired and Kathy Fields who is currently serving as the Interim Executive Director.   Young will begin his new role July 1, 2020. You can read the full press release here.

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