Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative

The Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC) provides a comprehensive program for enhancing the purchasing power of its member districts through cooperative purchasing agreements. This concept enables all of our members to benefit from quantity discounts for specific items. The purchasing process also provides catalog discounts from any vendor wishing to serve the Cooperative.

CKEC currently is not taking an new vendors.  If this should change, we will update this page.

Areas of Purchasing

  • Athletic Equipment Catalog & Supplies
  • Athletic Medical Supplies
  • Catalog, Price List & Shelf Price Bids
  • Custodial/Maintenance Catalog & Supplies
  • Food Service Products (required for providing daily meals to 44,000 students)
  • Instructional Catalog & Supplies
  • Insurance (Property, Liability, Fleet, Student and Workman’s Compensation)
  • Office Catalog & Supplies
  • Office/School Furniture Catalog
  • Plastic Liners & Copy Paper
  • Playground Equipment Catalog
  • Science Equipment Catalog & Supplies
  • Technology Catalog & Supplies
  • Transportation Catalog & Supplies


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