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Excited Children in Science Class

Advocate.  Innovate.  Lead.

Here we tell our story--the story of public education and CKEC's role in it.  We tell it through our framework: Advocate.  Innovate.  Lead. 


We Advocate by being a voice: for students to ensure equity in all classrooms and for school leaders to collectively be heard by the legislature and the public. 


We Innovate by supporting our districts to think about education through a new lens--outside the box of known structures--in order to make decisions that have the most positive impacts on students. 


We Lead by helping teachers bring research into the classroom, by collaborating with other agencies, and by preparing future teachers and school leaders.

These are our stories.  Stories of CKEC.  Stories of our member districts.

CKEC Welcomes New Deeper Learning Team

CKEC is pleased to welcome Amanda Burrows, Holly Lawrence and Erin McIver to the Deeper Learning Team. You can find out more about them:

Image by Cristian Palmer


Basketball Net


"Will You Be On Our Basketball Team?"

Senior basketball players from Thomas Nelson High School and Nelson County High School went to the Guthrie Opportunity Center (a non-profit organization serving people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the Nelson County community) to make some special invitations.

"Will you be on our basketball team?"

Teams practiced together to prepare for the inaugural Pride Pack basketball game, which kicked off the Nelson County Spring '22 Pride Games!

Watch the video:

Image by Lee  Campbell


CKEC Highlighted on National Podcast 

CKEC staff members Laura Smith and Mark Helton were recently featured on SISEP's Implementation Science for Educators podcast.  During the episode, they share how CKEC used the Hexagon Tool to support Anderson Co. and Washington Co. as they selected a mathematics innovation.   Click the link below to hear the entire podcast.  It is Tip 26: The Hexagon Tool from a Regional Perspective.

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