Teaching is Tough!: Strategies to Support a Positive Learning Environment: No Fee for CKEC Member Districts; $35 for Non-Member Districts

Monday, June 27, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

  • Presenters: Karen King & Charlotte Arvin
  • Target Audience: Co-teaching teams, general educators, special educators, instructional coaches, elementary educators, middle school educators, high school educators
  • Description: Do your students have a negative attitude about learning?  Are they rude to you and other students?    This learning opportunity includes models and information to help improve this environment.  Participants will learn to implement various strategies and structures in the class room that will support respectful treatment among teacher to student and student to student.  Student achievement is fostered through intentional use of procedures; participants will plan to implement strategies within their classrooms.
  1. “A Handbook for Classroom Management that Works” – Marzano, Gaddy, Foseid, Foseid & Marzano
  2. “Implementing the Framework for Teaching in Enhancing Professional Practice” – Danielson, Axtell, Beven, Cleland, McKay, Phillips & Wright

  • PGES Connections: 2a,  2b

Location: CKEC Training Center