CKEC Teachers of Deaf And Hard of Hearing Cadre, No Fee for Member and Non Member Districts

Friday, January 13, 2017

  • Speaker: Sue Frisbee
  • Target Audience: Teachers, SLP’s, etc. working with students that are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Description:  This Cadre is open to anyone working with students who have hearing loss.  Teachers of the DHH, SLPs, Special Education teachers, general education teachers and preschool teachers are all welcome and encouraged to attend.  Planned topics for this year are: Apps and technology for the deaf and hard of hearing; PGES; Extended Core Content for DHH; Functional Listening Evaluations and Language/Reading strategies for students with hearing loss.  For more specific information, please contact Sue Frisbee at
  • PGES Connections:  1,2,3

Location: CKEC Training Center