9/10/2021, 11/19/2021, 3/18/2021 Early Childhood Literacy Cadre (3 days)

Friday, September 10, 2021 - Friday, March 18, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Learning to read and write is an ongoing process that begins long before a child starts school and has long-lasting effects. Oral language development, knowledge of the world around them, and experiences with books and print all profoundly impact a child’s literacy development. Cadre participants will explore the essential content of early literacy learning, connect best practices to the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and the Kentucky Kindergarten ELA Standards, plan for implementing best practice strategies in Preschool/K Classroom, use formative assessments to plan intentional learning opportunities, examine tools for progress monitoring early literacy skills, identify developmentally appropriate intervention activities, and design early literacy activities for parent involvement.

Cadre dates are scheduled as: September 10, 2021; November 19, 2021; and March 18, 2022. Each event will begin at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm. Participants will receive 6 hours of PD/EILA credit for each session attended. All sessions are, currently, scheduled as an in-person event. Registering for this cadre registers participants to attend all three sessions. For any questions, please contact erica.price@ckec.org 

Location: CKEC Training Center, 2331 Fortune Drive, Lexington, KY 40509