8-2-19 Co-Teaching Overview- No Fee

Friday, August 2, 2019

This workshop is designed for new co-teaching teams. Participants will:
1) learn various models for effective co-teaching
2) explore how to develop parity in the classroom
3) create a shared understanding the roles of both teachers
4) get to know the needs of the students in their classes
5) form an action plan for their classroom
Throughout the day, participants will develop an increased consciousness of High Leverage Practices for
Special Education. Participants should bring a laptop and be able to access curriculum materials and class
rosters, as time will be devoted to planning for the first few weeks of school.
To personalize the professional learning experience, follow-up will be provided with each team in the CKEC
Special Education service region.
*Note: Administrators are encouraged to attend along with the teams from their schools.

Location: CKEC