7-19-19 Using Peers as Natural Supports for Students with Significant Disabilities- No Fee for Member DIstricts, $35 for Non Member Districts

Friday, July 19, 2019

Current research points out the benefits of inclusive general education classes in which students with significant disabilities are educated alongside their non-disabled peers.  Most schools struggle how to make this happen with a successful outcome of academic learning. Making friends and sustaining friendships can be difficult for students with significant disabilities. Even though they attend the same schools, students with significant disabilities are often isolated from peers, and may not always have access/support to participate in everyday social activities, thus limiting their opportunities to develop friendships.  Peer Support Arrangements and Peer Networks can help foster relationships by bringing students together!  This session will provide an overview of the evidence-based practices, Peer Support Arrangements and Peer Network, which involve identifying and equipping a group of peers to provide ongoing support to individual students with significant disabilities in or outside of the classroom.  EILA and CEU’s will be applied for.


Location: CKEC