7-16-18 Standards with Stars: Mathematical Modeling in High School – No Fee for Member Districts, $35 Fee for Non Member Districts

Monday, July 16, 2018

Many of the Kentucky Academic Standards at the High School level have a star (★) next to them.  What’s that star all about?  What does it mean for teaching those standards?  The star indicates a Modeling Standard.  This workshop will explore the process of mathematical modeling and provide guidance on the implementation of modeling tasks.  Resources will be shared and teachers will be engaged in the modeling process.

Participants should bring an electronic device AND have access to their course material (either hard copy or digital).


As a follow-up to this training, a second day will be scheduled in the fall for participants to come back and begin working on creating usable tasks for the classroom.  For those who participate in BOTH days, in-school follow-up will be provided by the trainer.

Location: CKEC