7/12,13,14/2021 Improving Instructional Systems and Supports to Maximize Students’ Mathematical Learning Through the Use of Powerful Instructional Strategies

Monday, July 12, 2021 - Wednesday, July 14, 2021 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

The purpose of this Professional Development Series is to identify the core principles of effective mathematics programs focusing primarily on the importance of instructional practices and supports to maximize mathematical performance. Administrators and educators are seeking guidance on how best to support and improve the mathematics performance of ALL students but are especially focused on students with disabilities, dyscalculia, and struggling students.  The 3-Part PD series will highlight the challenges of increasing achievement in mathematics and instructional practices Educators, School-based Leaders, District Leaders, and State Leaders can take to respond accordingly. Dr. Riccomini draws upon the most currently available research-based evidence for teaching mathematics to struggling students and students with disabilities.

Three Part PD Series highlights

  • What are the critical elements necessary for a core mathematics program,
  • How to implement specific interventions to intensify instructional supports for conceptual understanding, problem solving, language development, number sense, computational and procedural fluency, purposeful practice opportunities, retention techniques, and computational and procedural fluency;
  • What administrators and teachers need to know about interventions and effective mathematics instruction,
  • How administrators and teachers can learn about and incorporate such practices in their work.


*CKEC will apply for up to 18 EILA hours for the three days, 6 hours/day

Location: Northeast Christian Church, 990 Star Shoot Pkwy., Lexington, KY