7-12-19 Beyond the Binary: Addressing the Needs of LGBTQ and Gender Expansive Youth- No Fee

Friday, July 12, 2019

This workshop will be an opportunity to gain insight into the experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools – stigma & statistics, mental & physical health needs, school (peer & teacher) relations, as well as family acceptance challenges.  Though a minority sexual orientation and/or gender diverse (transgender or gender non-conforming) were once considered abnormal or a medical problem, scientists now understand that sexuality and gender occur on a continuum and variations in sexual orientation or gender identity are part of the normal range of human sexuality.  This session will define the various aspects of this continuum, build your LGBTQ-friendly vocabulary (current generational terminology), as well as review the critical role of school personnel in helping these youth not just survive, but THRIVE, in their schools, families & communities.  This workshop will offer evidence-based strategies, illustrative hand-outs & videos, as well as research-based resources.


Location: CKEC