6-19-18 Conceptual Building Blocks of Geometry (Elementary)- No Fee

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Conceptual Building Blocks is a series of modules designed to build a teacher’s capacity to work with students in various settings.  The approach is rooted in a conceptual understanding of key concepts in elementary school mathematics.  The objectives are:

  1. To build teacher knowledge around the foundational concepts in elementary school mathematics
  2. To provide strategies for teaching content and differentiating instruction
  3. To develop a conceptual understanding of the core components elementary mathematics


This module uses the elementary school Kentucky Academic Standards around geometry to focus our work.  We will explore the big ideas of geometric thinking, including the van Heile levels of geometric thought, discover how to use the concrete>semi-concrete>abstract sequence of instruction, explore misconceptions, and much more!

Location: CKEC