6-16-17 When EL Students Struggle: Language or a Disability?- No Fee for Member Districts, $35 for Non Member Districts

Friday, June 16, 2017

English Learners (ELs) are doing “double the work” of their native English-speaking class peers, because they are learning the content and the language of content at the same time.  So, when an EL struggles to acquire English and content knowledge and skills, it is very difficult to discern if those struggles are due to factors related to language acquisition or a disability.  Skip Cleavinger will explore the process of collecting evidence to assist educational teams in making the determination – language or disability.   The learning targets for this workshop are as follows:

Participants will be able to:

  1. identify the myths that surround the referral and assessment of ELs
  2. identify and understand how to collect pertinent information related to the student’s language,

            culture, circumstances of immigration, previous educational history, etc.

  1. identify the Tier I instructional services and supports that are correlated with EL student success

            and vitally important in answering the language vs. disability question

  1. identify Tier II and Tier III intervention development approaches that are appropriate for ELs

            and, again, vitally important in answering the language vs. disability question

  1. identify ways in which the traditional approaches to referral, psycho-educational assessment and

            eligibility determination may be flawed for use in cases involving ELs

  1. express an understanding of the key components of a valid “protocol” for making the “language
  2. disability” determination.



Location: CKEC Training Center