6-12-19 Alternate Assessment Data Review for Directors of Special Education- No Fee for Member Districts, $35 Fee for Non Member Districts

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This session will support Directors of Special Education in reviewing their AA student data.  Participants will analyze their district participation data, review district participation guidelines and conference summaries to assure compliant documentation.  This session is for Directors of Special Education and district level staff who participate in ARC’s when AA Participation Guidelines are completed.  This is not a training session for completion of AA Participation Guidelines.  Participants need to bring; list of students in the district on AA and  their disability and 3 participation guidelines with conference summaries.  If there is a student who may or may not qualify for AA it is recommended to bring their documentation to review.. For more information please contact Sally Miracle at sally.miracle@ckec.org


Location: CKEC