2 Day CT4GC Scale Up Training (August 11 and August 20): No Fee for CKEC Member Districts

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

  • Presenters: Charlotte Arvin, Mark Helton, and Laura Smith
  • Target Audience: CT4GC Teams within existing schools that have at least one NEW member; all members may be new within an existing school
  • Description: 2 Day CT4GC Scale-Up Training (For CT4GC teams with at least one new member) ** All members of the team should register individually and attend both days (August 11 and August 20). This training is necessary for any CT4GC team that has a new member (i.e. personnel or assignment changes).  Both teachers and the coach are expected to attend both days of this training even if some members have previously attended. This training will include learning opportunity for: Co-Teaching, Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI), Student Support and Learning Strategies.  Connections to TPGES will be made throughout the training to support effective teaching and learning by students.
  •  PGES Connections: Connections to the FfT (i.e. Student Engagement 3C) and the Ky TPGES system (i.e. SGG, PGP)

Location: CKEC Training Center