11/16, 11/30, 12/14/2021 ONLINE-Webinar: Learning Acceleration Learning Series

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - Tuesday, December 14, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Target Audience: Instructional coaches, teacher leaders, department chairs, and other instructional leaders.

Due to lost instructional time during the pandemic, many students have yet to master critical prerequisite skills needed to continue learning grade level content. We invite instructional coaches, department chairs, teacher leaders, and other instructional leaders to join us for a three part learning series. 

In the first session, we will begin by introducing the concept of learning acceleration and the Learning Acceleration Cycle. Learning acceleration helps us to focus on grade-level content and perform “just in time” intervention for skills/standards that have not been mastered but are needed to understand grade-level content.  All standards must be taught, but some standards will need to be prioritized, receiving more instructional time than others, and must be taught to mastery. After previewing the Acceleration Cycle, the session will assist participants in Step 1 of the Cycle: prioritizing grade level standards by prerequisite skills. Then we will cover Step 2: diagnosing students’ unfinished learning of prerequisite skills. We will discuss using pre-assessments to diagnose student learning needs to meet them where they are in order to effectively accelerate instruction and learning.

In session two, we will introduce Step 3 in the Learning Acceleration Cycle: Plan Strategically.  We will build upon our knowledge of identifying and diagnosing student mastery of prerequisite skills to determine necessary adjustments to instructional pacing and planning. Furthermore, we will discuss best practice teaching strategies to deliver just-in-time supports which will allow students to more successfully access and master grade-level content. 

In the final session, we will finish with Step 4: Monitor and Support in which we will learn how to make data-informed decisions about acceleration practices in your school. Specifically, we will learn how to monitor data to determine if gaps in learning are closing and assess the implementation of acceleration practices in your school. Finally, we will discuss supports students and teachers may need to accelerate learning. 

4 hours of EILA/ PD credit for participants. 

Location: ONLINE