10-23-19, 11-6-19, and 12-4-19 Explicit Instruction: Essential Strategies for Students with Learning Challenges

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Explicit instruction is a research-based strategy that is comprised of systematic, direct, engaging instruction that is success oriented.  Join us at CKEC for a series of 3 modules to learn about the principles and practices of explicit instruction through the work of Dr. Anita Archer and Charles A. Hughes authors of Explicit Instruction-Effective and Efficient Teaching.

Day 1

Wednesday, October 23rd

Exploring the Foundations of Explicit Instruction-elements and principles

Organizing for Instruction-organization of physical space, establishing classroom rules, routines, and procedures


Day 2

Wednesday, November 6th

Delivering Instruction: Eliciting Responses

Delivering Instruction: Other Critical Delivery Skills-monitoring, pacing, feedback


Day 3

Wednesday, December 4th

Designing Lessons: Skills and Strategies, Vocabulary and Content, Rules

Providing Appropriate Independent Practice-types of practice


Participants will register one time for all three sessions and will receive a copy of Explicit Instruction-Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes.


Location: CKEC