Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative

diagram of common assigment system

Common Assignment System (CAS) provides teacher to teacher embedded professional learning experiences in a collaborative environment. Teachers from across each region collaborate to create units of study, implement the units, analyze student work from the units and make revisions.


  • The Units


      • Are as student-driven as possible
      • Include performance-based assessments for students to demonstrate learning in more authentic ways
      • Provide learning experiences suitable to Next Generation Science Standards (with attention to the Cross Cutting Concepts and Science/Engineering Practices)
      • Include embedded Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) modules or Mathematics Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs) embedded
      • Show evidence of students thinking critically
      • Focus on the needs of individual learners 


  • Our Network


      • Creates teacher leaders with expertise in instructional design
      • Sustains a community of practice
      • Honors individual contributions


  • Our Approach


      • Incorporates student voice and choice
      • Encourages personalized learning opportunities to be developed
      • Emphasizes process, analysis, and revision based on looking at student artifacts & responses
      • Promotes professional reflection and thoughtful sharing of new learning


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